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You don't have to buy anything to have a huge life changing event. Nothing will be recorded using the tool. Nothing will be sold and nothing will be remembered by our system.


Love is our essence, love is the primary force. And when we have a loss, the one thing between us and our love is our grief.

Sadness is the most vulnerable feeling. It is the most complex feeling to deal with due to it's different stages

Moving through sadness and releasing it moves through stages and depending on what stage one is at, the method of release is different.

The source of the sadness can help determine what direction to take.


Grief can be caused by loss, disappointment or just major change.

Grief is one of the most painful emotions to move through.

Without an outlet this emotion can harm oneself.

The love for what was lost is the key to releasing sadness

The fundamental question to be determined is what stage are you at. But this determination cannot be an impersonal assessment. That can cause even more grief.

Personal growth, self exploration and self discovery cannot move forward without ever touching on sadness.

Usually "why" is asked due to a wound. The wound generally evokes sadness.

Let the conversation discharge this emotion.