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Feelings and Self Discovery

The journey into feelings is the greatest journey of self discovery. Feelings and self discovery go hand in hand. Discovery of feelings is the discovery of hidden elements of self.

Anger, Sadness, Happiness, Shame, Guilt are the doorways to who we are when it comes to self discovery.

Being able to identify a feeling and to name it, is expressing it. Expressing it moves us through to the next feeling. Frozen stuck feelings generally cannot be named.

Feelings may not be in step with our thoughts. In many cases clarity will shift emotions to where we want them to be.

Intense emotions and their corresponding thoughts can cause the lack of clarity that binds us.

Respecting your feelings is the first step. That is the key to finding out what they are in the first place. Self exploration and discovery of feelings allows them to be expressed and released.

A system that would untangle these thoughts and feelings has been devised, driven by your thoughts and feelings.

feelings emerald bay

Feelings may be intertwined and related.
  • Anger can be caused by fear. 
  • Anger can cause deep guilt. 
  • Angry tendencies can be something to be afraid of.
  • Guilt can be behind anger. 
  • Sadness and grief can be the source of the fear
The ability to release feelings needs the ability to recognize what you are feeling. Numbness is lack of clarity when it comes to feelings.
All feelings have a reason, a purpose and serve as motivators and indicators toward our goals and direction in life.
Anger may empower if the hurt behind it has been felt, expressed and let go.