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You don't have to buy anything to have a huge life changing event. Nothing will be recorded using the tool. Nothing will be sold and nothing will be remembered by our system.


Fear can be hidden but can direct one's life in directions that we don't expect. Fear discovery is a great path to self empowerment.

The fundamental question with fear is "fight or flight." At any point our reaction is to avoid the object of fear or to attack it with force. In both cases a surge of energy is needed.

Fear can be exciting when we are in the flow of it. It becomes painful when we are repressing it, avoiding it by forcing numbness.

Being afraid for no reason is an indication of this repression.

fear and vagueness


Constant anxiety has roots that need to be uncovered. But fear is usually avoided rather than faced and identified.

Avoidance has survival value. After all fear is there to protect. Fear is there to move us away from danger. But fear compulsive fear or fear with no cause is the cause a great distress.

The conversation will slowly uncover the sources of the worry and anxiety.

The changes in oneself will take some time although in some cases they can be immediate.

Facing one's fear

It is counter intuitive to face one's fear. What is feared is what is to be avoided. So why face the fear. It is only through a conversation, a slow moving focused and safe conversation can we face our fear. The other choice is to let the world force us to face it. But that may or may not work. We may face it or avoid more issues around the fear.

Facing our fears requires looking and the problem and not allowing our gaze to leave the problem. clarifylife is only one method of doing that.


The one awful manifestation of fear is paralysis when we are expecting the surge of energy. When we need to move, when we need to dodge the bullet. When we need to be able to run away to safety and fight another day.

In the end, to battle this effect, the intensity, the charge, the pressure of the fear has to lessened so that fear does not paralyze. The clarifylife conversation concentrates on fear and in time and with emoting the charge decreases.