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Online Therapy and Anger

Properly used, anger is the most empowering emotion available and is needed to achieve our goals.

Anger at the self is toxic. One needs to throw self anger away like trash. Otherwise it will poison our life and our future.

Anger management therapy in itself is complicated with many different techniques but because anger is most associated with the causes of violence, it is perhaps the most urgent emotion or feeling to tackle in our inner journey of self exploration and discovery.

Free Anger Management

Why not have a place to be able to express anger any time of the day that we need; Clarifylife will do that for you.

Let It OUT! Feel Free With the Tool!

Get passed the fear of expressing your anger. Go ahead and be insulting if you want be. Say things that you would never normally say. Let it out.

anger and vagueness

Anger is a great asset when we need strength but if misdirected in public it can cause abuse and be counter productive.

Dealing with Anger

To deal with anger we need to look at the root causes. Experiences where we look back on with a feeling of anger usually have something to do with expectations we had before the occurrence. Generally anger is related to something we felt entitled to and expected but did not happen.
In that way anger is closely tied to what was wanted and releasing anger or letting go of anger requires knowing what the desired target was.

The problem is that we may want to avoid that which is causing frustration because the "burning sensation" of anger may be directed at our self.

In the end the decision will be to fight on or to accept the situation. Bottled up anger is known to be harmful. Anger Management is a huge business. Anger management worksheets, anger management journals, anger management tips and anger control techniques are readily available.

Anger is a charge, like an electric charge that has to be expressed. Sadly, expression of anger can hurt oneself and others. Anger can slow a person's goal setting and goal attainment capability. In many cases amends are necessary to fix what was done in anger. Anger at self can cause depression moments and shame, and eventually can effect self esteem. The clarifylife conversation will reduce the charge as one move's forward.

Some will live a lifetime with no progress with their anger issues. There are contradictory therapies and philosophies dealing with anger. Some will encourage anger suppression. Some will encourage not withholding anger expression. Clarifylife is in the middle. There is a time to do both.

Fear of Anger

There is a fear of retaliation, self recrimination, regret and anger obsession.

Other than potential violence the other major problem with anger is the obsessive quality of rebellion. In some cases there is an inability to let go of what we are entitled to because it just hurts too much. We feel we deserve something and we have a right to fight for it. Letting go of it will cause tremendous grief.

There may also be a fear of the violence that we inflict will cause a painful backlash, the retaliation may in fact be awful. The guilt and shame of causing this frightening situation can eventually lead to deep feelings of depression.

Rage and Blindness to Reality

Rage even if it does not create violence will cause problems when overall control is lost. If it is compulsive it will put a great deal of pressure on any type of relationship.


and any other kind of relationships are harmed by rage. In this case the fear of anger is justified and it may require professional help.

There are almost unlimited sources of anger:

Anger at life
Anger at the Universe
Anger at creation
Anger at God
Anger at Parents
Anger at Friends
Anger at Peers

At some point, some expectation and entitlement, was not fulfilled or was betrayed. There is a lot to explore and to discover so that it can be expressed and let go of.

Give us you Anger

You can let go of the anger. Let us have it.

The clarifylife anger process ends with:

You have every right to be angry.
It has been hard.
It has been unfair.
It was supposed to be better.
You are entitled to better.

You are entitled to a fair world.
You are deserve a life that is good.

You can let go of this anger.
Let us have the anger.
Let us have the hurt.

Free yourself and let better things in your life.
You have helped create a better universe.
Thank you for expressing yourself.