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You don't have to buy anything to have a huge life changing event. Nothing will be recorded using the tool. Nothing will be sold and nothing will be remembered by our system.

How it Works

The goal and result of using the system is clarification of one's vision, life purpose and current entanglements.

The central aspect of the clarifylife system is the conversation system built using artificial intelligence incorporating multiple methods of psycho-spiritual empowerment technology:
  • Voice Dialog
  • Rogerian
  • Sentence Completion
  • Cognitive
  • Emotional Expression
  • Goal Setting
What happens is that you will have a conversation with the system and based on your responses you will be guided to delve into your frozen emotions and your disowned selves.
It is as simple as that..

Without actual guidance a person can use the system for free, all that is needed is registration so that you can log in.
With no context the system can seem like it is going round and round on certain subjects and the user/client can stop using the system right when a break through is about to happen.

The main advantage of the system is that it has unlimited patience.

Coaching and  counseling are limited in their impact  in many cases because the cost associated with them.
Also the promise that your life will change with one session because the latest and greatest technique do not pan out.
Personal growth can take a great deal of time.

Unleash the power of your unlocked self. In addition to availability throughout the day: 

Clarifylife uses a self improvement model through a do it yourself model.
We all have things in the way of us seeing clearly. Our mind can play tricks on us.
It has nothing to do with education, smarts, or eye glasses.
After a set of conversational units, you will have pushed aside inner obstacles that prevent you from achieving what you want.
The amount of time it takes is different for everyone.
It depends on how much emotional charge/intensity is in the way and how honest you are able to be.
The path requires dedication and is hard work and TIME.
You will need to register with an email address so that we can respond to you specifically.

This is a spiritual journey, not a religious one. But we invite you to bring all your religious beliefs with you. We are not against any belief you have. We only want you to see clearly what you choose to think.

If your whole life is supposed to be a secret, this will not work.
You do not have to share specific names and places and details that you don't want to fall in the wrong hands.
But one way or the other you have to share your feelings.
What you feel moves you or stagnates you.

If you are asking why am I not fulfilled?, it is  because you are not feeling what is there.
You are not feeling your feelings.
You are not being present in the NOW.

What the hell does feeling my feelings mean?
It means feeling the pain of the sadness when it is there, it means feeling the nastiness of the fear and feeling the burning of the anger when it is there.
In the case of the pleasant feelings we need no help to feel them.

But to live we learn to lie about our feelings. To survive we have to lie about our feelings.
At work when we hate our boss we may be smiling when he enters the room.

And this is a journey back to reclaiming the authentic self.