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You don't have to buy anything to have a huge life changing event. Nothing will be recorded using the tool. Nothing will be sold and nothing will be remembered by our system.

Moodgym Strengths and Weaknesses

Computer Based Consiousness Raising Techniques are surprisingly effective. Provided that one is comfortable working with the computer.

Anxiety and Depression require focus and concentration, be it with another trusted trained person or through other means. Most of the results are based on our own level of motiviation.

The fact is that consistency is the key to success, assuming that you have the confidence that the techinque works. That certainty or faith has to start with your self.

The only way to know is to try it and find out. It will become clear quickly and the only cost is one's time.

How similar is ClarifyLife to Moodgym..

Moodgym is more into teaching how to identify the thoughts that make you depressed or anxious. It is very tedious. But then all methods may be tedious.

In both cases, the idea is that what you think and believe end up determining what you feel.

They are both self improvement tools and they are both online tools.

They both move you through via questions and they both attempt to enhance your own internal ability to balance yourself.

Patience is needed and there are improvements in mood. Some people respond well to the CBT method and some do not. Users have to determine that after experiencing both.

  • But on the whole NO;the methods are different.
  • Moodgym is more clinical.
  • Moodgym targets disorders.
  • Moodgym teaches behavior change.

ClarifyLife is more of a conversational system with follow up emails and optional live coaching.
We try to respond to your statements and responses. 

We are more geared toward inspiration rather than learning behavior. 

We do not offer diagnosis of disorders (depression or anxiety). But at times our process can temporarily shift emotions to a place that we would like. Moodgym is more suited to tackling anxiety with cognitive retraining but clarify life is more into releasing "emotional charge".`

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Psychological innovation has made a major leap with the advent of online therapy. Moodgym and e-couch have definitely made a great breakthrough but they can be tedious. With the interactivity of computers retaining attention is much more possible. That is where we are putting most of our efforts, to maintain attention to create self empowerment.

Observing and Examining one's through process is the best way to change it for the better.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the closest thing to using your logic. Moodgym is trying to influence emotions via using your logic. We concentrate more on expression emotions so that intense debilitating emotions are discharged and the confusion they create evaporate and allow clarity to be attained.