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You don't have to buy anything to have a huge life changing event. Nothing will be recorded using the tool. Nothing will be sold and nothing will be remembered by our system.

Online Self Discovery and Empowerment

Guided self discovery creates the inner strength needed to break through self sabotage, unwanted habits and regaining our childhood happiness.

Overcoming addictions, compulsive out of control behavior, over sensitivity, unreasonable fears allows a brighter future of confidence, excitement and pleasure.

Happiness is difficult when the world around us is not a happy place. And to survive that awful world, we have to go into an imaginary, unreal world, loosing our authentic self. The key is to find our way back through an illuminating method of self discovery. After all, we lost a part of our self that may be needed most now, because it was in an intolerably painful situation.

Life is a quest, a journey, a universe of stories that we create by our deeds and that exists in our vast inner world. Incredible truths that can break through the areas we are stuck are hidden within the self rather than out there. They are hidden in plain sight. We are blind to them, or they are invisible to us.

Self Discovery usually starts with a wound. Some are wise enough to start the process of "knowing thyself" earlier than most. An examined life has more of a chance of changing for the better. Self discovery without being able to "bounce off" ideas does not work well. Clarifylife creates an atmosphere of being able to explore oneself to the point of empowerment.

Online Self Exploration, online self discovery and online self awareness are just ways to explore the inner world with the help of Internet technology. There still are two elements to the exploration: The identification of problem and the application of solution.

Both are important but there is more emphasis on identification of the problem because there already is motivation to apply the solution, if it were clear enough.

Inspiring people is more easily done than inspiring one self. With clarifylife we are mostly interested in the question of how to find inspiration through opening up to it. One of the ways in achieving that is in fact inspiring others.

The clarifylife conversation system is not a set of self-discovery quizzes or personality tests. Clarifylife is an online program developed to help people cope with their inner demons through a series of conversation units focusing on a topic.

The Inspiration Secret

What is the single most important inspiring act? Focusing on what you LOVE...

  • Is it that simple? 

  • If what you love is clear, yes. 

  • The key is a journey of self discovery and discovery to clarify what that is. 

How to be Inspiring ... to Yourself,
What is Confidence?

I need inspiration usually implies that inspiration is needed from outside oneself. It presumes that inspiration is something to be searched for in nature, relationships or books. But if one is not open to inspiration, it cannot happen. The spark of inspiration starts with being open to inspiration and then almost anything can inspire and confidence follows as a result. Confidence simply is being strongly motivated in doing what is loved while being open to inspiration. The regeneration of enthusiasm and the creativity that clarifylife generates creates power to change one's world where there used to be helplessness.

Think of us as beings from higher dimension dedicated to your inner well being. Sustaining the flow is the main intention of the process. One's world is a series of lessons, a journey, and an adventure.

In a way, nothing new is being said, clarification of values has always been considered a path to empowerment and self improvement. Clarification of what the primary goals of one's life is the building block of strong motivation in life. Goal setting is an important part of the process. Participation and diligence has a lot to do with the progress with clarifylife as with other things. The more effort put into it, the more one will get out of it. The intention is to bring more beauty, safety and comfort and happiness into one's life. Obstacles have to be discovered and melted through feeling the experience.

Self Discovery

Why can't I get things done, why do things fall through the cracks?
The fundamental answer is “because you don't want it to succeed”.
But of course I want it to succeed.
No you don't, a part of you that you have disowned does not.
Why do you say that?

  • You put too much on your plate.
  • You did not pay attention.
  • You did not prioritize.
  • You did not focus, you were distracted.
  • You did not see the truth about your capabilities.

All of this is under your control, but you can't control it.
How can I gain control?
Stare at it, clarify the path ahead.

Why does self discovery matter? Because part of yourself that would not make these mistakes is hidden, it is lost. Self empowerment is lacking.

Clarifylife helps you find and integrate that part.

Self Esteem

Self confidence and self esteem provide a greater chance of success and or happiness. It is not a way to prevent painful incidents from entering one's life. It is a way to be better equiped in dealing with them.

The fundamental way to attain this state is through sustained proof that we are capable.

Creating that evidence is both objective observations and subjective belief. The initial spark or inspiration has to start with a decision.

The decision is to believe that "I trust myself". The rest of the work is to prove it. This requires a tenacity that should catapult a person onto a better plane of being.

Self Empowerment

Self Empowerment happens through clarification of vision and of values. Once the clutter is removed, a surge of strength will be available.

The journey may seem tedious to some, but the results in the end change life in a huge way.

The Powerful Questions

We look for direction. That is the quest when we feel lost.

The method to move from where we are to where we want to be is accomplished mainly through powerful, sustained and repeated questions.

To get out of the box that has been created, the trap, the prison answering these powerful questions are the solution. They are questions that need to be asked repeatedly to peel off the onion layers of vagueness, avoidance and confusion. This requires being ready, a certain maturity or maybe a desperation to know.

The constant attempts to break through will be successful because of the persistent push toward the truth.The journey is traveled in small steps as to not be overwhelming. The conversation is the cause of the empowerment and may take more time than expected which can frustrate a person to a point of falling off the track. But without it, we are left in a world of anxiety with an unknown cause coloring our life in discomfort.

This is the journey to freedom from the unknown fear and compulsions that seem to control us. Let us take the journey toward the brilliance of clarity together.